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  Beach Bound Hounds  

Each dog is housed in their own private kennel run.  There are solid dividers on the sides for privacy and noise reduction. Dogs like a solid divider between them and their neighbors, like their own little retreat where no one can see them from the sides. It also greatly reduces dogs barking at each other, (out of sight, out of mind) and thus reduces the stress on the dogs. Plus, the way our kennel is set up, dogs are in more of a "round", so that no one is directly across from each other which also reduces barking.  This design also keeps the kennel from looking like a shelter with a walkway down the middle and runs on either side. 

Dogs are let outside to exercise/potty individually.

We do not let dogs out in groups


We have two areas for boarding dogs:  our Indoor/Outdoor runs, and our Indoor runs.

 In the Indoor/Outdoor run area, the dogs are able to go in and out as necessary during the day.  Except on hot days or cold days, when the doors are kept closed to conserve energy.  The doors are also closed when the kennel is closed and after 7 pm at night.  These runs have in-floor radiant heat in the indoor run area.  Outside runs are covered completely, each individual run gives the boarder his own area to walk outside.  Surrounding the outside runs is a chain link security fence that goes from the concrete floor to the roof,  preventing any possible escapes.  These dogs are also taken individually outside to the exercise area 4 times a day, as long as the dog is manageable and friendly.  There is a television in this area, so these dogs also have the sounds of home, plus a radio/cd player.

Our other area, which houses the majority of our dogs is all indoor runs.  There is a variety of run sizes to suit each size and temperament of dog.  There is almost always something going on in this area - from feeding, to cleaning, to playing with individual dogs.  Our boarded pets seem to thrive on this activity level.  This is a very social room.  The runs are placed in such a way that dogs can see other dogs without being too close - somewhat a "kennel in the round". 

    We continuously observe the dogs during the day to assure they are comfortable and stress free and may move them if we think they'd be happier in another area.  Sometimes a dog who is shy at first will come out of his shell and will want to be nearer to the "action".  It's all based on our observations of each individual dog's behavior and comfort level.