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A great deal of planning went into the design of our cattery.  The "condos" are large enough for the cat to have exercise room, with two resting shelves, and two levels.  As you can see from the pictures, there is a round hole for the cats to travel from level to level.  A litter box is in the bottom level, food and water bowls are in the top. 

Come on in!

This is a view of a condo. Notice all the areas cats can climb and rest, plus the hole in the middle level for the cats to climb through.

Or, like Sadie, just poke their head through!

Sadie has plenty of room for her antics, the condos are 3' deep X 2' wide X 4' tall

The tropical gardens along the top of the condos add an interesting touch

There is an assortment of fun things hanging from the ceiling for the cats to watch.

The corner condo is 3 feet X 4 feet X 4 feet tall, giving multiple cats ample room to roam.

Tuffy & Soiel fit quite comfprtably together in the corner condo

This is the downstairs of the corner condo. It's very hard to show how much room there is

Another view with the scratching pole/palm tree

The way the condos are laid out, the cats can see each other, but are still safe in their own space.

Penny & Fred, our cats. Fred is 21 years old and now spends a lot of time in the cat room.

This is a close-up of Bob the Cat. He loves to swat at you when you are near.

Bob playing with a string

There is plenty of room for the cats to chase cat toys, or simply play with a hanging piece of string.

Broken loves being as high up a possible

Butler doesn't like interruptions during his naptime.

Fritz looks so cozy on her pillow

Mr Peepers is just the coolest cat. He LOVES Bil Jac dog food. We call him a "dogcat"

Mr Peepers all curled up for a "cat nap"

This is Samantha. She loves these cat condos where she can sit and stare at us.I don't want to know what she's thinking!

This is Hobbes, one of our seniors, enjoying yet another nap.

Emma loves to come into the cat room and race around. The cats think she's ridiculous.

Emma is really good with the cats, she has three at home.