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Required Vaccines
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Required Vaccines


We require written proof from your veterinarian for the following Vaccines: 

Dogs:  DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies

Cats:  FVRPP, and Rabies

Along with a copy of the Rabies Certificate. 

 (rabies tags will not be accepted as proof, we need the paperwork from the vet)

  it is a state requirement that we have a copy for your pet to be boarded

You or your vet can also fax the vaccine records to 724 948-2340      


 Please do not get the vaccines the day your pet is scheduled to come to the kennel -

we will not accept your pet for boarding if it is given the same day as your arrival date.  


Flea Control

We  strongly recommend your pet be treated for fleas and ticks

The Seresto Flea Collars are excellent for flea control and we highly recommend them.

  Other flea treatments, such as a generic flea collar or other generic topical treatments are not as effective for flea control and may not take care of the flea infestation on your pet for more than a week, or if they get wet.

The old traditional flea collars can also cause an allergic reaction to some members of our staff and will not be permitted to be worn while your pet is here. We've also seen pets with hair loss around their necks due to a reaction to those flea collars.

If your pet arrives with a flea infestation, it will be treated with Frontline at the owner's expense.