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Kennel office hours for drop-off & pick-up:  Monday thru Saturday 9am - noon & 5pm - 7pm, Sunday 5pm - 7pm only


 Tours are by appointment, Monday thru Thursday, at 10:30 am and 5:30pm.

 No tours on weekends. There just isnt time to spend answering questions when there are continual interruptions.  

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers.              

Many of the normal concerns about boarding are addressed here,

but, if you have any more questions, feel free to call (724) 948-2396,  text to (724) 579-3204,

or e-mail us.

Don't worry, there is no such thing as a "stupid question"


Some of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. Can I bring toys ?

  2. What about food?

  3. Do I need to bring dishes?

  4. Can I bring something for my pet to sleep on ?

  5. Will my dog be let outside to go to the bathroom?

  6. Will my dog get to play with other dogs ?

  7. Do the dogs bark constantly?

  8. Are there any extra charges?

  9. What are your kennel office hours for dropping off and picking up?

  10. What does it cost to board my pet and what's included?

  11. What if I come home early from vacation? Will I be charged?

  12. What if I need to cancel my reservation?

  13. How will I be charged?


Can I bring toys ?

Yes, you can bring something for your pet to play with from home, but please limit it to two items.  It is very hard to keep track of all the toys and to whom they belong when we are cleaning. Please write your name on each item with a sharpie marker. Recommended toys are: Kongs, Nylabones, hard sterilized bones; toys that are sturdy and large enough to be choke proof.   We do not recommend rawhide or rope toys, as they can be choking hazards or may become impacted in the intestines and cause bowel obstruction, nor pig ears, due to the salmonella & e-coli issues. We also don't give cow hooves because they chip and become very dangerous.  They have been known to tear the stomach wall and intestines.

Remember:  Don't bring anything to the kennel that will cause you to be upset if it gets lost or destroyed. 

 We cannot guarantee a toy's safe return.

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What about food?

We feed Purina One Dog Foods to the dogs, and Purina Indoor Cat Food, to the cats.  You can visit www.purinaone.com for ingredients and information.  This is included in the boarding rate.  If your pet is on a special diet, or you prefer he eat the same food he eats at home you can bring your own food, there is no extra charge.  If you do bring your own food, it must be:

 1) In a closeable plastic container, and,

 2) Clearly marked with the pet's name,   your name,   and complete feeding instructions.

Remember: If you bring your own food, don't bring us something we can't pick up and move. 

 10# is the top weight we will accept.  And absolutely NO paper dog  food bags. 

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Do I need to bring dishes?

We supply both food and water dishes. We use stainless steel because it doesn't hold bacteria like plastic

 and is easy to sanitize .

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Can I bring something for my pet to sleep on ?

Yes, as long as it is something that will easily fit into the washer. Sometimes accidents do happen, and blankets need to be washed.  Please do not bring your dog's best foam bed from home, or any kind of stuffed bed.  Also, if a dog gets bored, it can become a pile of dangerous stuffing.  And absolutely NO BEAN BAGS. Because our floors are heated in cool weather, generally dogs will push their bedding aside to lie on the warm concrete. Suggested bedding: a blanket (not a comforter) or a towel for smaller dogs. 

Also, we now have Kuranda beds for your pet's comfort.  They are raised beds so the dog can be up off the floor if they want.  Here is a link to their website, they are excellent beds www.kuranda.com

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Will my dog be let outside to go to the bathroom ?

All dogs are taken out to our exercise areas four times a day.  Early morning, noon, late afternoon, and before bedtime.  Dogs adapt very easily to this routine, and will wait until it is their turn to go out.  This also gives the dog some time to run off some energy, and breaks the monotony of being confined.  Our exercise runs are 60 feet long, so the dogs get plenty of exercise.  Dogs are always separated by chain link fencing except if they are from the same family, and even then only at the owner's approval. The amount of time spent outside varies, depending on the individual dog and the weather.  All exercise runs are covered to keep the dogs out of the weather, and are concrete for easy sanitation.   You may wonder if your dog will go to the bathroom on concrete.  Most dogs will, just because they simply identify it as the place to "go".  We will walk a dog in the grass if needed.  We pick up on a lot of problems an owner may not even recognize because of the concrete, i.e. blood in the urine (Urinary Tract Infection) or parasites in the stools. Runs are completely hosed down and sanitized twice daily, more times as needed.

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Will my dog get to play with other dogs ?

      No.  We do not do group playtimes. Dogs all have their own body language and a lot of it is contributed to the appearance of the dog.  Some breeds of dogs just don't like the "looks" of another. There is just too much that can happen, and too many dogs are unpredictable with other dogs. I don't really think you would want me to greet you at the door saying " Skippy had a great time here, but I had to take him to the vet to get 20 stitches because of the fight he was in during group playtime, oh, and since you signed the release form, you owe your vet for the emergency office call...". We just don't think it's necessary.  We have a lot of other fun things we do with the dogs on an individual basis, and the long runs outside are chain link with no solid divider, so they can safely "run" with another dog without direct contact.

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Do the dogs bark constantly?

  No.  We actually chuckle at this question, because when it's asked, the dogs are barking.  I look at the barking as a communication tool for the dogs.  Whenever a new dog comes into their view, they bark, as if they are greeting the newcomer.  Sometimes the greeting takes a bit longer than we feel is necessary, but usually, within 5 minutes, they are settled back down and are content.   They bark when they feel excited about something, i.e. going outside or when there is anything out of the ordinary, like tours.  But most of the time it is very very quiet in the kennel.  The dogs all nap between noon and 4.  During that time you could hear a pin drop. I love when I turn the lights on at 4, and they are blinking their eyes like little kids, as if to say "It's time to get up already?"  And then they bark.  They know it's time to go outside.

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Are there any extra charges?

  Only if you choose to have your dog bathed or groomed. Or choose to have nature walks.  Everything else is included. We will gladly throw a ball for a lab who needs some extra exercise, or sit and comfort a dog who is a little frightened. Or let puppies or Geriatrics out to relieve themselves more times than scheduled. It doesn't seem fair to take one dog out to play, while the dogs next to him just have to watch because their owners did not choose to pay an additional fee.  Dogs don't understand that, so we just decide what each dog needs to be happy. 

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What are your kennel office hours for dropping off and picking up? 

Our kennel office is open Monday through Saturday:  9am to noon, and 5pm to 7pm

On Sunday, the office is open from 5pm to 7 pm only. 

 ***  We feel these are very accommodating times. ***

 We do not offer any off-hour drop-offs or pick-ups, and this is one thing we are very strict about. Everything here is done on a schedule, and any variance from the schedule will throw the dogs off and create chaos.  So please do not ask, the hours are set in stone.

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What does it cost to board my pet?

Dogs are $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) per day and cats are $14(fourteen dollars). $2.00 less for each additional pet.   The same price applies no matter what day of the week it is. We do not charge more on weekends or holidays. We do not charge different prices for different breeds. All dogs are cared for equally, no matter what their size. This is an "all inclusive" resort. 

Dogs are taken out and exercised (potty break) four times daily.  Fresh, clean water is always available. We feed Purina One dog food, which is included.  We use "positive reinforcement" when dealing with the dogs, which means we reinforce good behavior with treats and affection, and simply ignore inappropriate behavior.  They soon learn which behavior gets the treat,  so we never have to raise our voices to the dogs, or use any type of kneeing them in the chest to keep them from jumping. ouch!  We want dogs to love and respect us, not fear us.  We would. be more than happy to discuss positive reinforcement vs. negative reinforcement with you, and recommend a good trainer.

The kennel is completely air-conditioned in the warm/hot months, and the floors are heated with in-floor radiant heat in the winter so the dogs are always on nice warm concrete. This warm concrete acts as a great therapy for our geriatric dogs, or dogs with arthritis, and has made a positive difference in several of our older dogs.

 We also pay close attention to the dogs and their individual needs. For example, if a dog needs to go outside a couple of extra times a day to run off some pent up energy, we do it - keeps everybody happy. Or geriatric dogs or puppies who need to be let out for potty breaks more often.

 Being a state of the art boarding facility, the air is continuously circulated in and out of the kennel, keeping air-borne viruses at bay.  Runs are cleaned with an anti-viral disinfectant after each guest departs, and thoroughly rinsed.

  Cats are housed in their own private custom built "cat cabanas".  These are 4' tall and allow the cat to lie on the top resting shelf and look down on all the humans - as we know cats like to do.  These "Cabanas"  are the largest enclosures for cats in the area, and our cat boarding facility is not only friendly and cheerful, but also kept spotless.   Cats are allowed to come out for supervised wandering, or to spend some time in the "Kitty Beach Club", but are never let out of the cat room to mix with dogs.

We feed Purina Indoor Cat Food, and each cat is supplied with it's own private bathroom, (aka litter box).  Air is continuously circulated in the cat area with a separate system than the dogs.

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What if I come home early from my vacation, will I be charged?

  We have a "Pay for Reserved" Policy, where you are responsible for paying for the entire reservation, regardless of when you come back.  We have limited space, and may not be able to fill a vacated space on short notice.

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What if I need to cancel my reservation?

  You must give us a 48 hour notice of cancellation, otherwise you will be charged for 3 days boarding. 

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How will I Be charged?

Charges begin the day you drop your pet off.  If you pick up before noon, Monday thru Saturday, there is no charge for that day.  Like charges at a human hotel.  Sunday is a full day charge since we are not open in the morning.  For example, drop off Friday pick up Sunday is 3 days.